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Episode 1

You're a bitch

Deputies respond to an extreme intoxication and trespassing call. As things escalate they call in an ambulance to make sure everyone is healthy, even the man yelling obsenities at them.
Episode 2

Howdy Mohave County

Sheriff Doug Schuster dives into policing in Mohave County and gives Sheriff Lamb an insight into policing lakes. They then head out onto Lake Havasu for a first hand look.
Episode 3

Howdy Nye County

Sheriff Sharon Wehrly talks with Sheriff Lamb about the history of policing in Nye County and all the great things she has accomplished there.
Episode 4

Roadside Justice

A reckless, intoxicated driver finds himself on the wrong side of some vigilante justice when a group of civilians attack him after he crashes his vehicle. Deputies are left to pick up the pieces and tend to the wounded man.
Episode 5

Waterway Deputies

Being a waterway deputy is a lot different than just plain patrol. You get to see people in a different state. When you are a police office you generally see people in a state of distress. We have to do hard things but we also get to see people as they are enjoying themselves.
Episode 6

No Idea Warrant

Deputies are responding to a call stating that a suspect kicked down a door and entered the home with a gun attempting to recover their stolen property.
Episode 7

Birthday Rescue

A jet ski crash leads to one person in shock and one person lost. The Deputies main goal now is to make sure everyone is safe and gets back to where they need to go.
Episode 8

Verbal Judo

A suspicious bike rider at night seems to be trying to avoid Deputy Lewis. Deputy Lewis uses a little discretion and verbal judo to find the best outcome to the stop.
Episode 9

Where's your boat at dude?

911 call comes in about a potential drowning. Deputies quickly jump into action to locate the victim. Life or death situations are a regular part of policing on the lake.
Episode 10

ATV Rollover

A 911 call about an accident between an ATV and a dog brings Deputies out to the edge of Nye County, NV. When the man is gone and the ATV is abandoned there officers have to search to find this man and see if he is injured.
Episode 11


From training with gas masks to training at night these officers have to be at the top of their game. See what goes in to just one part of their weapons trainings.
Episode 12

Day In the Life: Waterway Deputy

Lake Havasu is the Spring Break party capital of the West with it’s bikinis, booze and fast boats. Meet Deputy Chuck Trescher, who’s job it is to keep the playing field safe.
Episode 13

Saving Private Bird

A baby turkey is abandoned by its parents. Luckily Captain Boruchowitz is a farmer stuck in a city.
Episode 14

Training Day Taser

One of the hardest days of training for new recruits. They have to step up to the challenge and get to really learn how amazingly effective the tools are that they are given. See Trainee Ford step up and experience the taser for the first time.
Episode 15

Deputies #1

From Maryland to Nevada to Arizona. See the real life of deputies from starting out to heart breaking endings.
Episode 16

Howdy Wicomico County

Sheriff Mike Lewis and Sheriff Mark Lamb talk about policing in Maryland.
Episode 17

Deputies Do The Darnedest Things

From speeding stops to herding cattle. Just another case of deputies deal with the darnedest things.
Episode 18

What's going on Connie?

Not the first time the deputies have been called out for this address and probably not the last. When living with a friend goes wrong it can go very wrong.
Episode 19

Deputies #2

Trespassing, assaults, and full on pursuits. Deputies days are constantly changing and they have to be ready for anything.
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Episode 20

Game Over

A game of cat and mouse pursuing a vehicle through Navajo County. This driver finds that the Deputies aren't so easy to lose.
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Episode 21

Training Day Getting Smoked

Recruits put themselves through all sorts of pain to get ready to be deputies. See how this class is pushed to their limit under Training Instructor Terrence McCarthy. It may be hard but it is all to get them ready for the diffuculites of the job.
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Episode 22

It Is What It Is

Deputies find themselves sorting out a he said she said centered around a dog, car….at a campsite. It is what it is on the job.
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Episode 23

Howdy Navajo County

Sheriff David Clouse take Sheriff Lamb through being the Sheriff in Navajo County. From the history that they are built on to being a Sheriff today, hear it all straight from Sheriff David Clouse.