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Episode 27

On The Range

Go behind the scenes and see the training facilites that sharpen these sheriffs and deputies into high stress experts. From standoffs to V.I.P.E.R. operations, these men and women are ready for any challenge.
Featured Episode
Episode 26

Monroe County Swat Training

Sheriff Swanson sits down with Sheriff Troy Goodnough and Detective Martin to hear about their motivation for being law enforcement. Also go behind the scenes of the Viper task force in Monroe County that takes down predators in their community.
Mini-sode 25

Patrol Story Dep. Cardenas

These deputies are real people with normal lives. Here Deputy Cardenas tell his story about being a Deputy and in the Army National Guard.
Mini-sode 23

My Mom's a Cop

Every deputy has their own story about joining the Sheriff's office. Deputy Layton's motivation also includes making her children proud.
Episode 19

Deputies #2

Trespassing, assaults, and full on pursuits. Deputies days are constantly changing and they have to be ready for anything.
Mini-sode 22

Following in his Footsteps

Every deputy has their own reasons for joining up. Here Deputy Farkas tell her story about why she chose to do this job.
Episode 15

Deputies #1

From Maryland to Nevada to Arizona. See the real life of deputies from starting out to heart breaking endings.
Episode 13

Saving Private Bird

A baby turkey is abandoned by its parents. Luckily Captain Boruchowitz is a farmer stuck in a city.
Mini-sode 9

I'm Lucky to Be Here

Lieutenant Murphy shares about some of the struggles of being an officer and the losses the job can take. In the end the love for the job keeps him going.
Mini-sode 6

Cleaned Up & Ready To Go

Deputies aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. Taking care of their equipment is safer for them and is going to give them an opportunity for more community engagement.
Mini-sode 4

A Different World

The real-life side of patrolling the waterways on boat patrol. Constant calls, lack of resources and the paperwork still has to get done.
Mini-sode 1

Waterway Policing

Community engagement is an important part of policing and showing that police don’t only have to be involved in a negative context. Hear one officers attempts at bringing the community and the Sheriffs together.