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Mini-sode 26

Happy New Truck

A bit too excited after buying a new truck. Sometimes the best way to teach people is with a little compassion.
Mini-sode 25

Patrol Story Dep. Cardenas

These deputies are real people with normal lives. Here Deputy Cardenas tell his story about being a Deputy and in the Army National Guard.
Mini-sode 24

Baby on Board

Losing control of your vehicle can be very dangerous. Especially when a baby is in the vehicle. Another life and death situation these deputies have to deal with on a daily basis.
Mini-sode 23

My Mom's a Cop

Every deputy has their own story about joining the Sheriff's office. Deputy Layton's motivation also includes making her children proud.
Mini-sode 22

Following in his Footsteps

Every deputy has their own reasons for joining up. Here Deputy Farkas tell her story about why she chose to do this job.

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